Lectures on alzheimer in seniors Torre del mar and Benalmadena

15 Oct Lectures on alzheimer in seniors Torre del mar and Benalmadena

According to their schedule last day 3 and November 7 at 18:30 hours respectively were held in Senior Centers Torre del Mar and Torremolinos, lectures, symposium on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative dementias by the Dr. D Berthier Marcelo Torres, Lundbeck Laboratories sponsored and organized by Family Residential For More SL

Both talks had a very positive impact on the many attendees who were able to get lots of information, brochures, workbooks cognitive stimulation, caregiver guides, etc., distributed at the beginning of the talk. Were available for a period of time for questions and questions that was widely used by the participants for clarification and further information about the disease.

We could have the presence to represent the Association of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer’s. After each lecture-attendees were presented with an appetizer that allowed a relaxed atmosphere in which to continue chatting with Dr. Berhier and those responsible for Lundbeck and the Organization of Family Homes For More SL

It should be noted that the initiative of bringing the disease to the relatives of Alzheimer patients in a Geriatric Care Centre a fun and conversational at the hands of top-level figures and Bioscience Research is a pioneering in our community, disassociating the brand Seniors in securing for excellence in quality of care.

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