Night of San Juan and the largest organ of involvement in marbella

24 Jun Night of San Juan and the largest organ of involvement in marbella

The participation of people in situations of dependency and, where appropriate, their families and organizations that represent them, is one of the inspiring principles of the Law to Promote Personal Autonomy and Atenció na people in situations of dependency. And a priority for each and every one of our centers. All residents are entitled to participate and be heard on those measures that affect the care they have received.

Therefore we start in our schools every six months, the Body of participation for individuals and family users. In these meetings, approves the schedule of activities, initiatives arise, suggestions or complaints considered timely and appropriate lifting the minutes of the meeting.

In the Seniors we involve residents and families in making decisions on use of common areas, leisure activities and generally in all matters concerning the operation of the center as a way to enhance the quality of services provided.

An example of an initiative proposed by the residents of our center of Marbella, was carried out at the last festival of San Juan, where we made a fire and burning juas, typical doll made ​​Malaga old clothes. They told residents the history and myths about the shortest night of the year giving the welcome to summer and performed a ritual to ask that all our desires are met. Finally, workers, families and residents danced around the fire until our juas consumed.

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