Presentation of seniors at the palace of fairs & exhibitions in marbella

01 Aug Presentation of seniors at the palace of fairs & exhibitions in marbella

The Department of Family Nursing Training For More SL (managed by Luis Ignacio Bustos Bellido) together with the Human Resources Department (managed by Carmelo Lopez Garcia) participated last July 29 at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Marbella on a Paper framed within the Programme of Action OAL Experimental Municipal Center for Training and Employment Marbella area whose coordinates training, coaching, Maria Teresa Narbona Jiménez.
This Paper was aimed at unemployed people who have time and Vocational Guidance.
The purpose of it is that attendees can gain first-hand, hand of the Companies, the real vision of the labor market and the requirements to access it.
From Seniors explained who we are as a company, what industry we do, how we Centers in the province of Malaga, the particularity of being concluded with the Andalusian and certified by DNV Quality, the new reality that represents the Law Unit, which make up the staff professional categories of our centers, which seek professional profile, selection techniques which are used for recruiting them, the importance of training and retraining our company values, how to file a CV, how to perform a job interview, and so on.
The presentation began at 10:00 am with an attendance of about 60 people in the Blue Room of the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Marbella, ending at 11:45 hours after a very interesting round of questions by attendees.
The result was satisfactory and very positive ending to the collection by the technical curricula Narbonne later attendees will be sent to the Department of Education to Seniors and filtering and Human Resources Department is responsible for inclusion in the Employment Exchange Family Homes For More SL
Such actions promote motivation and involvement of groups who need to hear directly from the companies of the importance at the present time to reinforce aspects such as training and expertise and are a boost for people who still in career counseling think that there is no possibility of labor market today.

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