Reward the creator of the web

23 Nov Reward the creator of the web

The therapist Miguel Lopez, creator of the web health and physiotherapy, has been awarded for its dissemination of physiotherapy through this daily prize and Physical Media 2011, organized by the College of Physiotherapists of Andalusia.

The purpose of this award, which is convened annually to highlight the contributions made in the media to favor the spread of Physiotherapy at the regional level and national level.

In May 2009, Miguel Lopez opened and a year later, in June 2010, began working with with a physical therapy clinic with very good reception from readers. This initiative followed the realization of other chats as well as the publication of several contained in this online journal (such as tips for Half Marathon Málaga) in order to encourage the dissemination of practical information on health and physiotherapy.

From the outset, the Bar Association of Physiotherapists Professional Andalusia recognized the value of, and now, in June 2011, has done it again by giving its author the 2011 Communication Award for “significant contribution to dissemination of physiotherapy from the media and their important social and health education of citizens “, as highlighted by the jury.

Miguel Lopez contends that his work seeks to show that there “new forms of physical therapy and bring health to citizens for comfortable and effective way.” “Physiotherapists” he adds, “will continue to use our hands as the main therapeutic tool only, in addition to using them to touch, explore, massage, stretching, mobilizing … also use them to spread the physiotherapy keystroke and mouse.”

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