The Seniors Center sectorization of Velez-Malaga is now a reality

01 Jul The Seniors Center sectorization of Velez-Malaga is now a reality

After several months hard work by all the equipment that forms the center’s staff has already been fulfilled a dream we had pending.

The process has several steps:

  1. Search and create appropriate spaces depending on the type.
  2. Telling the family / residents and therefore the proposed changes that would produce, highlighting the benefits.
  3. Room changes 60% of the residents.
  4. Meetings with school staff and changes in quadrants and tasks.
  5. The works.
  6. Investment in equipment
  7. Adapting to new environment

The result has been very positive and with great success (both for residents and relatives and staff).

Actualmente existen varios espacios:

Actualmente existen varios espacios:

The entrance level has remained as it was with the difference now being distributed in other areas there is a lower percentage of residents with a less dependent.

And on the top floor have created a lounge / dining room for residents require more personalized care Who With A more relaxed atmosphere.

All food services, medical and therapist move to the place where the residents, preventing the movement of people and consequently lose less time and causing less disruption in the lives of the elderly.

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