Our philosophy is to build and manage centres with the personal touch, with a friendly and approachable attitude to our residents.

In order to achieve this, we pay special attention to two key points in the way we work:

Calidad residencias tercera edad


All our centres have the same outside appearance, making them easily identifiable. Their architectural design means that you would never think they are residential care homes for the elderly, but instead large houses or private clubs with elegant lines, fitting into their setting. The same team of architects has designed and implemented all of our centres, and in this way they have managed to homogenise solutions, ideas, appearances and useful experiences.


Our absolute priority is the personal touch, customised in every last detail. We are dealing with people. We are dealing with elderly people. We are dealing with fragile elderly people, vulnerable people who need affection and attention 24 hours a day. Our personal ethical requirement is to provide care which is dignified, respectful, friendly, constant and personal. This is vocational work which cannot be routine, because it is in constant pursuit of sensitivity and respect towards our clients.

Calidad en los servicios residencias tercera edad



Our centres aspire to be the centres of the highest overall quality (facilities and services) in Andalusia, which is the area where all our activities are performed.

In order to improve our levels of efficiency and attention, and to work on the ongoing improvement to our services, we have brought in

exhaustive systems and quality control from two complementary areas:

Through these systems of quality control:


  • Public systems: Junta de Andalucía (regional government) authorised.
  • Private systems: our company is certified by Det Norske Veritas, a world leader in quality certification, with the following Quality Certification:
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 UNE 158101 UNE 179003

Through documentary formats and systematic actions and inspections in all our centres, which supervise and maintain the levels of excellence in the facilities and services.



Within our working plan, and in response to our commitment to comprehensive quality, SIIS, the SENIORS COMPREHENSIVE OPERATION SYSTEM, acquires particular relevance;

with its multidisciplinary meetings with residents and family members, it receives and brings full information about

the needs of our residents and the services they require.

Periodically we conduct confidential assessment surveys among our residents and their family members,

which return a very high quality score.